Show Tonight

I am playing a regular-length solo set at the Brattle Theater tonight supporting Session Americana. Then I will play a handful of songs with that fabulous band as well, all in a beautiful room for listening to acoustic music, and now with the benefit of beer/wine. Plus, it is early enough for you to get …

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Hey, someone asked me what a “clam” is, as referenced in my last post. Well, I assume more people don’t know the term either. So, a clam is a mistake/bad note. Old music-dude terminology. See: Buddy Rich balling out his band on a bus. [youtube=] “…while you clam all over this fucking joint….

Cover of the Week 45 & 46 Losing End/Cortez the Killer

I always loved when our friends in the band Fuzzy pulled out Neil Young’s “Losing End” in their sets. What a great old song, and really cool when sung by Hilken Mancini and Chris Toppin — two women’s voices in place of Neil’s and Danny Whitten’s. You’ll have to forgive my version. It slips a …

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