Mike Gent

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Mike’s Myspace

Mike dropped in on Buffalo Tom while we were in the studio the other night recording a cover for a tribute record — more details to come later — and dropped off his new solo CD. It has one of my favorite songs of the year so far, “Paper Knives.” The title is coincidentally the name of a song I have made as a demo for Buff Tom. But they are very different songs. Mike’s is up on that Myspace link, along with some other great ones from a great new disc.

Many of you are already fans of the Figgs, and/or the Gentlemen, or know him from his guitar-playing alongside us Hot Stove Cool Music diehards. He is an encyclopedia of pop music, has a hilarious sardonic sense of humor, and is a rock lifer. We were privileged to have him the last night at Toad. If you don’t know Mike, let this be the tip of the iceberg for you — go find all the back catalog Figgs and Gentlemen stuff.

Cover of the Week will be perhaps a day or so late this week. Day job interference. Real estate is busy — believe it or not.