Shame, Repentance, and Redemption

By on 10-22-2008 in Uncategorized

Shame. Yes, those of you who did not show up last week — and there are multitudes — missed Tanya Donelly singing the Beatles “Long Long Long” and her own beautiful, aching song, “This Hungry Life.” And then you missed where all of us took a break to go upstairs and enjoy the miraculous comeback by the Red Sox (alas! they have come up short this year). And then you missed us going down again and ripping it up on “Dirty Water.” And you missed an expanded rockestra that saw Matt Pynn on pedal steel, Sean Staples on mandolin, and Joe G. from the Click 5 on guitar.

(Thanks to Cathy P. for the photos)

You see what you miss when you decide 10:00 on a playoff night is too late? I shall not tell a lie; it was all friends and family last week. And I am, as Husker Du sang, hardly getting over it, hardly getting used to getting by.

Well, there are 2 more shows. Tomorrow, the 23rd is bound to be a night of sublime beauty and raucus rock music. I have no idea who is coming to join us. Then, the 30th will be the last live gig, perhaps ever for me. I may be giving up the music thing. Music is for kids. And for successful elder musicians.

OK, that’s not true. But what if it were? Would October 31, 2008 be the Halloween the Music Died?

Clearly it is time for me to end this post.