Music, Yeah Music

By on 10-07-2008 in Uncategorized

Oh, you offended few and non-offended majority,

I promise now to move on to something more important than politics and whatever it is Sarah Palin is practicing. Yes, it is time to discuss music.

So all of you who come here for that (the same 5 people who showed up at my show at the Lizard Lounge, minus the two who engage in political jousting), let’s talk about music. I will tell you something and then I want you to tell ME something.

Me first: Round 2 of the 6-round gladiator hootenanny at the Lizard Lounge is fast approaching this Thursday night. I will tell you that very special guests will be coming to sit in at one or more of the upcoming shows. When I say “very special,” I friggin’ mean it. Of course, Billy, Billy, Matt, and Philly are all special to me as well. But I mean, special to you, the “Joe Fan.”

Warning to those not interested in the Sox (as I don’t want to offend any more folks by straying off topic, what I know best, should stick to, etc.): SOX WIN! BEAT NAYSAYERS! GO ON TO CHALLENGE YOUNG UPSTARTS WHO WILL LIKELY FALL AT THE HANDS OF THE CHAMPS!

OK, back to music now. Me? I’m digging all kinds of stuff lately, from getting back into the Feelies (whom I was going to go see until the SOX advanced — dang, sorry!), to the Ohio Players, to Coltrane (very much back on Lush Life), Gene Clark, Mean Creek, the Budos Band…oh man, so good. Tell me, tell me what you like.