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Again, I must apologize.

This time, for talking so much trash about the Giant/Pats. I am only glad I don’t know much or care as much about football as I do baseball. Because, then I might be hurt.

I just like trash talking.

To that end, go Obama and I am enjoying the end of the Romney years while also enjoying watching the Republicans falling apart and fight each other over which of the candidates will not have their support.

I had no intention of bringing that up here, but I had some wine and am feeling feisty. But one of my brothers told me to get to the point earlier in my emails, so here goes.

Upcoming shows:

* Buff Tom tour of Australia in March. Charter a plane and come on down (for those of you not already residing there.)
* I am sitting in with Session Americana at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA USA on February 26. For the night, they will break out of their rule of playing only American music and will this night be temporarily named Session Britannica. You can guess why. I will of course be representing the Stones with a song that shall remain a surprise. Phil Aiken may also be playing. Last time I played with SA, it was one of my most fun nights of music EVAH.
* Buff Tom likely shows in Boston and Northampton in April, TBC.
* Buff Tom at Primavera Festival in Barcelona May 30. Maybe another show somewhere along the way where we have not yet played.

Thanks to those of you who came out see us in NY, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis.

The 2 Buff-Tom-personalized copies of the Shellac records I mentioned in the last email were auctioned off on eBay and raised over $3,000 — and the mini auction they were a component of, organized by Drew O’Dougherty raised over $6,000 — for the Callum Robbins Fund, for 2 y.o. Cal:


All my lovin,