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Bubble of Froth

Demonization is natural and can even be enjoyable, particularly in the hands of someone who is sharp-witted, sharp-tongued, a great writer, or rhetorical speaker. Many of us love to throw sharp jabs, flip and cutting remarks, or witty rebuttals to those whose positions seem indefensible to us. Especially in the age of social media, when …

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Boston Marathon

Before all this horrible news, my wife, Laura,¬†took our 8 y.o., Will, to the local pharmacy in town today. He has strep but is fine. She and he were playing around as they waited for the prescription, trying on reading glasses, etc. This is a real old mom-and-pop place with truly excellent, friendly, personal service …

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  I am 46. Despite most evidence to the contrary, a prolonged adolescence in a rock band, and an overall weakness to let go of my youth (I prefer to think of it as being young at heart), I have to finally admit I am a grown-up. We, the grown-ups must accept responsibility for the …

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