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This has to be my 25th year with this event. Honestly, I lost count. It is natural to feel like it is getting old, stale, and for the participants to be less excited as the years go by. And I can only speak for myself, but this is sometimes the ennui-like winter feeling that sets in each December/January. Part of it is the post-holiday exhaustion and typical winter darkness. But it is precisely that inertia and negativity that we must battle in life. And Hot Stove Cool Music proves year upon year to be the unexpected reward for getting my ass out of the house, meet and chat via emails and phone calls with the main organizers, and rehearse the various segments of which I am part. Just when you think it is time to move on, we end up getting down to the Paradise, seeing old friends, playing great music, brushing elbows with young Red Sox stars on their way up (see me and Wild Thing Papelbon, above) and I end up having one of the greatest times, not just of the winter, but of the year. Get your tickets now. Raise money for a great Boston charity event.

Poster by Gary Greenberg

2 thoughts on “Hot Stove Cool Music”

  1. Is this the same event where you were playing with Theo E and Eddie V? I would SO be there if I lived in Boston. The more I read and hear and listen to what’s happening in Beantown (on your blog, from your brothers’ work, etc etc etc), I reeally need to consider moving there when I retire, and join in on the musical fun. 🙂

  2. No. That happened at one of Bill’s Crown Victoria shows at a club called Toad.

    The Hot Stove show tends to draw B listers. When Bill’s name is on the marque it brings in the A set.

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