The Amazingly Talented Mr. Dowling

I am tweaking the look of the page. Thanks in great part to our friend Steve Dowling, a kiwi by birth and temperament, and a Londoner by edict and mayoral proclamation, who has been coming to soundchecks and shows for years and taking great photos. The one I am using as the top shot is from the Netherlands in 2007, just about a year ago. He’s a good guy to have on the road, as he is skilled at breaking up fistfights, paying off the local constabulary, and serving out local brews. Links to his page are on the right. Here are some other good ones.

See the link to his page in the links section on the right. From his site, you can also explore his Flickr site, which has many compelling pictures of Buff Tom and bands such as Iron and Wine, Calexico and more.

2 thoughts on “The Amazingly Talented Mr. Dowling”

  1. Thanks for posting links to his home and Flickr sites, Bill. I checked them both, and have already been forwarding them to friends who would be interested in seeing his work. Very nice work, great shots all around. Really enjoyed the BT of course, but many of the others. – Randy

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