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Firstly, my best wishes goes out to the family of Pat Leonard and the Moving Targets family. Pat was the original bassist of the seminal Boston band, the Moving Targets, who were an influence on Buffalo Tom. We learned today that he has recently passed away.

Kenny Chambers remembers his friend here:

RIP Pat Leonard

Thanks to all of you who came down to see my friends, brothers, and me enjoying ourselves down at Lizard Lounge in October, and previously at Toad. And a special thanks to the musicians who played with me, the band that was Tom Polce-less Crown Victoria, Matt Tahaney, Phil Aiken, and Billy Beard, and all the guests: Scott, Paul and Tom Janovitz, Sean Staples, Matt Pynn, Paul Ahlstrand, Tanya Donelly, Ruth Peterson, Mike Gent, Corin Ashley, Tom Perrotta, Joe Guese, anyone I missed?

Hope to get it going again some day. If you’re having withdrawal and want to see some great live music at the Lizard Lounge, Session Americana plays every Tuesday. You will love it.

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