One Last Cup of Coffee

Hello my friends (in the voice of McCain),

My friends, the conceit I’m employing for the purposes of this email is the voice of an old senator from Arizona.

My friends, now is not the time to be ignoring proven rock and rollers like me. Now is not the time to jump so go see some young band with a myspace page and a self-released project down at Great Scott’s. That band, they are very likely Socialists with a capital “S,” sharing a stage, a van, a joint, and sharing God knows what or whom else (who or whom? I’m a plain speakin’ sonfabitch, you know that. I don’t trust “words” anyhow), pooling their money from CD sales to buy COMMUNAL breakfasts, palling around with radicals in Motel 8s.

No, my friends, we need a trusted rocker, a “Dad Rocker,” one playing sturdy, proven classic rock songs, songs you know, even some “new wave” songs — I’m open to some “new wave” songs — good songs played by a proven artist, one who has reached across the musical aisle to shake the hands of and work with metallic dudes, hip hop kids, mean bouncers, sleazy record execs, dubious journalists, surly hotel managers, even jazzbos from Berklee. A rocker who can, yes, be considered a maverick. I’ve been called that. I am also not going to shrink away from my time as someone who has fought for this music, for the art, for your enjoyment. Yes, I watched as others less proven than I — less deserving then I — went on to stardom because they looked good on magazine covers with a good expensive haircut. But I’m a maverick. I never got that haircut, even when it was a proven way to stardom. And now I have a comb-over to hide my receding hairline. And, while I have chosen band members because of their looks over their lack of ability, Tom can still play drums very well. Sure, he won “Cute Drummer Alert” from Sassy magazine in the early ’90s, but the fella also knew his stuff. He once was once embarrassed by that title, as I was with “maverick.” But now, god knows he would love to have that title back. And, sure, that was the only month that magazine deviated from the usual “Cute Band Alert”. They just could not find it in themselves to charitably extend that honor to the other 2/3 of the band. And that was when we were young, fresh-faced, etc. We had the world as our oyster, friends. We did not let it crush our spirit. No, we soldiered on. Good soldiers. Yes, we soldiered on for the good of the indie rock world. I don’t want to say we sacrificed so you could listen in freedom. I do want to say it. But I will not.

Where was I, my friends? Ah yes…friends, I am here to ask for your vote, your vote of confidence. I need your support this Thursday, October 30, Halloween Eve. I need you to vote with your feet and your wallets. I need your presence at my last night at the Lizard Lounge. It could be the last note of music I ever play. I’m not saying it will be. But it might be. And if it is, you will only have yourself to blame for not being their to hear it. It might be a G sharp, which I rarely play. I have made a career of avoiding G sharp. But as the last note I ever play? Might be a G sharp.

But, my friends, I do not expect a G sharp to be the only reason you get off the comfy sofa-with-a-secret that you got for free in some Jordan’s Furniture World Series promotion. No, my friends, I will have other reasons for you to come out. One is that none other than my longtime friend and political foe, Chris Colbourn has promised to be there to play a few numbers. Sassy drummer sadly can not make it that night. But we will do a Buffalo Tom song or two. Some covers. Etc.

And who else? What, Cobes is not enough? I know he is for you, my friends. But we will also have prodigal drummer back from Hollywood, Tom Polce, of Crown Victoria sitting in a song or two, Matt Pynn on pedal steel, Sean Staples on mandolin, and the proven lineup of experts and mavericks, Matty Tahaney on bass and vocals, Billy “three nights in a row, 5 weeks in a row” Beard on skins, and my longtime pal and supporter, Phillies Phil Aiken on the piano and organ. And, if we are all lucky, I will have the warm support of my family, always there behind me, friends. Last week saw the presence and contributions of 3 other Janovitz brothers and, with the mercy of the Lord, they will again be there to sing some songs.

My friends, don’t let it all go to waste. You and I can get this music scene back on track.

4 thoughts on “One Last Cup of Coffee”

  1. WISH I could be there but I live in England.

    I did travel all the way to Boston to see your shows at the Paradise and the small venue next to it (with decorated toilet seats on the wall!)

    I’ve always loved all the bands from Boston (Juliana Hatfield, Blake Babies, Lemonheads, Legends who are DINOSAUR!, The Pixies – I just don’t understand how so much good music came out of one town! They always say Seattle was the centre of alternative rock in the 1990s (when ‘grunge’ was exploding) but to me the only band I really loved from Seattle was Nirvana.
    I think the music coming out of Boston was fantastic. I remember hearing the opening riff to ‘Birdbrain’ and being ABSOLUTELY blown away. It predates it by years but in some ways it reminds me of ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ The choppy distorted riff intro with the rolling drumbeat. This was heavy music but with MELODY!! THOSE WERE THE DAYS!

    When we went to Boston we tried to visit ‘fort apache’ (the Abbey road of Boston’!) where in my head HISTORY was made (MY GOD – Bug, Let me come over were recorded here!) I’m sure it would have been a craphole but we just couldn’t find it in the end – shame.

    Was a real fun trip and fantastic shows and would love to do something like that again.

  2. William if the polls in Indiana which close early at 6 pm show Barak won you can put your imitations of the great american to rest and link us up some Chuck Berry hi-jinx. If Mac continues his surge there and wins by 5 or more proving all the polls there being off far outside the margin of error make sure you have a carton of smokes, 3 bottles of wine, and a case of beer ready.

    Then turn your attention to Florida of course but the real action will be in North Carolina. Again the polls and pundits are showing a real chance of a Obama upset. If he wins NC even if Mac has won Indiana pop the champagne. If Mac again smokes Obama in spite of the all the polling showing it within a point or two either way strap yourself in my friend and get ready for a white knuckle ride.

    Good luck. God Speed. And God Bless America if McCain squeaks out an electoral college win in the face of 300 polls that say he should have lost the EC by 150 votes. I don’t think an explanation of the damage coal plant comments did in Appalachia will suffice for a lot of folks.

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