Weekly Gigs Resume

Bill Janovitz and Friends (Best Friends include Phil Aiken, Matt Tahaney, and Billy Beard), which was so much fun at Toad in June/July (seems like only yesterday….summer’s gone, a summer song….who wrote that brilliant couplet again? Dylan? Longfellow? P Diddy?) will be picking up where we left off. We are doing Thursday Sept. 4 and Sept. 18 at Toad and then moving the whole carnival down the street to the Lizard Lounge for Thursdays in October. No more free lunch, I guess, and, unfortunately, no more asking Matt to move his bass neck whilst he’s in the raptured throes of a Bill Withers tune so you can get by to use the toilet. I mean, you still can, but it might be a bit of a distracting detour for all involved.

To get you freakin’ STOKED for these shows, here is one of the more originals we promise to pull out of storage, a song called “Look After Me” (scroll down for posts regarding audience recordings of past Toad shows):


3 thoughts on “Weekly Gigs Resume”

  1. which album is “look after me” on??? i have to track it down… loved listening. perfect for the early hours here in cold melbourne… cheers, k.

  2. Listening to the Lizard Lounge Jano Bros Xmas show now. Please say there will be a Brothers Janovitz show this holiday season. I will be coming from DC just for this!

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