And More Toad Shows

We had such a great time at the Toad June/July residency that we are carving out time for some more. The same group of musicians will be at Toad in Porter Sq. Cambridge on Thursdays Sept. 4 and Sept. 18.

I love the place partly because it is so intimate. But intimate means small and too many people had to wait on line because the place filled up too fast. Now, I know what it takes to get a 40-something ass off the couch and come out for some music. If it had been me shut outside, I would have gotten right back in the car and not come back. So I appreciate that many of you came down to take part in the evenings.

But we are looking into keeping this gig going, except moving it down the street to Toad’s sister venue, the Lizard Lounge. We are probably going to do Thursdays there regularly. Stay tuned for confirmation of dates.

I hope to see you Dutch and Belgian folks this coming weekend at the festivals with Buff Tom.

For those of you in Boston, BT will be playing in Columbus Park in the North End of Boston on Sept. 12 for a Boston City Arts Festival of some sort.

2 thoughts on “And More Toad Shows”

  1. I hope we get at least one BT show at, say, the Dise in October or November. There’s something about seeing BT when there’s an autumnal chill in the air, crunching leaves underfoot and that smoky, “someone’s got a fire goin'” smell everywhere. Also, my fear of sunburn has me in the house June through August.

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